Frolic Lighting

The original idea for using small Candle Shades on candles dates back to the 19th Century. Candle Shades enhance and diffuse the light from the candle flame and eliminate glare. Flattering to the complexion! The Shade sits on the ‘carrier’, and as the candle burns down, the carrier and shade move with it.

Please see below for safety notes and correct usage.

As an alternative to real candles, Faux Candles, (e.g.Liquid Candles) may also be used.

Frolic Lighting (formerly Acres Farm) has developed this concept even further so that the same shades (on a different design of ‘carrier’) may now be used on small candle bulbs or even a Votive Candle. Once the appropriate ‘carriers’ have been purchased, it is easy to transform the ambiance of a room by changing the Candle Shades.

Safety & Correct usage

Our shade carriers / candle followers are supplied with a warning label for correct usage. Please read these instructions before use. It is important that customers should use only the recommended candles (these are straight sided and contain the correct proportion of stearine) as stated on the labels. Above all never leave burning candles unattended, particularly when there are children present. With card shades we can only recommend the use of our own carriers as this will guarantee the correct fit.

Fitting Notes: Some metal shades fit on top of the brass carrier. All other shades should rest on the tapered part of the carrier in order to prevent the shade tilting and thus getting too near the candle flame.

  • ALWAYS ensure that the candle holder has a hole which is deep enough to hold the candle vertical and secure.
  • ALWAYS use the correct candles. In particular with the ‘sit-on’ carrier use Acres Farm Candles or Price’s 10″ Sherwood Candles (min. 10% stearine: paraffin wax). DO NOT use tapered candles.
  • ALWAYS scoop out any hard wax from inside the carrier before re-use. NEVER twist to remove.
  • NEVER let any candle burn below a minimum length of 4 in (10 cm) from the base of the candle. Should the carrier become stuck to the candle, merely relight the stub of the candle and when the brass is heated through it can be easily be lifted off.
  • CARD & FABRIC shades are NOT flameproof!