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The original idea for using small Candle Shades on candles dates back to the 19th Century. Candle Shades enhance and diffuse the light from the candle flame and eliminate glare. Flattering to the complexion! The Shade sits on the 'carrier', and as the candle burns down, the carrier and shade move with it.

Please click here, to read the safety notes for correct usage.

As an alternative to real candles, Faux Candles, (e.g. Liquid Candles) may also be used.

Frolic Lighting has developed this concept even further so that the same shades (on a different design of 'carrier') may now be used on small candle bulbs or even a Votive Candle. Once the appropriate 'carriers' have been purchased, it is easy to transform the ambiance of a room by changing the Candle Shades.

In addition to the Candle Shades, Frolic Lighting also offer a selection of small Lampshades, (which have an integral bulb clip), in many contemporary designs and shapes, plus Half Shades, wonderful Dinner Candles and other associated products.

The Collection changes from season to season. Please look out for our special offers.


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